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Bee Removal Aspermont

Bee Removal Aspermont Tx.

Ben Kazyaka


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Bee Removal Aspermont -IRescueBees is here to help you with removal and relocation of Honey Bees that have found themselves in your way. Sadly many bee removal companies are not bee keepers. And, I do not know what they do with the bees they remove. Of course on the other side are the companies that list themselves as bee removals but, are exterminators in disguise.

I am a State Registered beekeeper. All the bees removed will be relocated in my new bee yard. they will bee taken care of and protected.

Lets start with what a swarm looks like. I get alot of calls about bees swarming around their windows or doors. A swarm is a clump of bees hanging on something like a tree, the eaves of your house or even on your car.

Bee Removal Aspermont - Big Country Bee Removal


They are fairly easy to catch, in this state the bees are calm. There will a few bees leaving and returning to the cluster. Here in the Big Country we do have African genes in our feral colonies. Please, be on the safe side do not attempt to capture them yourself. By all means keep your children away from it. Call a beekeeper right away.

Bee Removal Aspermont - Big Country Bee RemovalBee Removal Aspermont - Big Country Bee Removal


These are colonies also called established hives. These take alot of work and care to properly remove. The colony must be put into there new hive as soon as possible. When we remove a colony we also remove the all the comb and ninty-five percent of the bees. We can also make repairs, No painting.

You do have the option of having them exterminated. Why? Yes spraying the bees is quick and easy. But, the what is done with the comb is left behind to poison the bees that will come a rob the hive. So really the exterminators are not just killing the one colony, their killing the other colonies with in a three mile radius.

This is a house that had the bees sprayed look at the honey seeping into his house!

Bee Removal Aspermont - Big Country Bee Removal


If your think about it, most of your foods that you love to eat is a direct result of honey bees. So why would you kill them? Just call IRescueBees Today.