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Bee Removal Ballinger Tx

IRescueBees is providing live Bee Removal Ballinger Tx and relocation.

Ben Kazyaka


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I am a State Registered Beekeeper with many years experience removing and relocating honey bees and killer bees. For all your live Bee Removal Ballinger Tx needs call me.
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Bee Removal Ballinger Tx
Bee Removal Ballinger Tx
Prevention is the best medicine...

A large group of bees all huddled together is called a swarm. Swarming is the way honey bees replicate their colony.

Bee Removal Ballinger Tx
Bee Removal Ballinger Tx

While the swarm is at rest, scouts are sent out to find a new home. This is the least expensive time to get them.

Seeing a swarm on your property is the time to take action and call to have them removed, before they move in with you.

What if the bees have already moved in...

No worries, we can get them out for you.

Bee Removal Ballinger Tx
Bee Removal Ballinger Tx

Using thermal imaging we find the exact location of the colony. Once found we open the cavity the nest is in and begin the removal.

Capturing and caging the queen for her protection we collect and cage most of the workers. At the same time we remove all the comb making sure that no eggs are left behind.

Everything is taken back to one of our Stated Inspected Apiaries and hived. We take care of them form then on.

Our wild honey bees are very important and they keep our environment pollinated. In an recent paper published by PennState dept of Entomology we read

Globally, pollinators are in decline

World-wide, pollinator populations are shrinking and several factors are contributing to this disturbing global trend.
How do we know pollinator populations are in decline?
Historically, managed honey bee populations in the US and Europe have been monitored due to their vital role in providing pollination services in agricultural systems.  Several studies indicate that American and European beekeepers are suffering large annual losses.  In the US, beekeepers have lost ~30% of their colonies every year since 2006, with total annual losses sometimes reaching as high as 42%.  

IRescueBees would like to acknowledge PennState for this article.

For all your live Bee Removal Ballinger Tx needs call me.