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Bee Removal Baytown TX
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Warmer weather means increased honey bee activity, here are a few things to keep in mind when honey bee show up at your house.

DO NOT try to remove bees yourself! DO NOT spray the bees with anything! Doing either of these will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering your self and other!

NEVER seal the bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time the bees way out is into your house!

Bee Removal Baytown TX
Bee Removal Baytown TX

Next, you need to call a professional to safely remove and relocate your bees! Yet, not all bee removal companies are the same!

Most will either kill the bees (you’ll never know) or just release them them down the road! That is why the State of Texas recommends you only use a TAIS (Texas Apiary Inspection Service) registered Apiarist (Beekeeper) for all your honey bee rescue needs!

Bee Removal Baytown TX

Texas understands our current pollinator/honey bee crisis, and is working to ensure we have plenty of wild pollinators for our local ecosystem!

Although, some pest control companies claim to provide live bee removal, they don’t! They’ll just tell you, you got killer bees and kill them on the spot!

Well, the only way you can tell the difference between killer bees and honey bees is with a DNA test! I do not think exterminators carry a DNA tester around with them, do you?

Bee Removal Baytown TX, your safe and sustainable choice!