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Bee Removal Birmingham AL

You have found the absolute best Bee Removal expert in Birmingham. Be sure to call him for all your Live Honey Bee Removal Birmingham AL needs.

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Yappy Travis Ulbrich

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My friend Yappy is one of the best at his job. His knowledge of wild honeybees makes him the perfect choice for your live Bee Removal Birmingham AL

Many of us in the Bee Removal business have learned his tricks. And, they all work.

Bee Removal Birmingham AL
Bee Removal Birmingham AL
Latest news about Bees...

With these few articles I hope to impress upon you just how important feral Honey Bees are. In fact all life on Earth depend on them.

With billions of acres of crops to be pollinated, beekeepers have lost over 30% of their colonies. There are many reason for the losses one of which is the massive use of pesticides.
Bee Removal Birmingham AL
Bee Removal Birmingham AL
Pesticides and herbicides design to kill living things are sprayed on your food crops. Their residues linger on the plants to be picked up by honey bees.

From the Press Hearld we can read how Texas mild winters are killing honey bees.

Honey Bees take winters off, yet when the temps get to 50 Honey Bees break their clusters in search for food.
Sadly, the Honey Bees find no food, none of trees have bloomed. Fruit and other trees need certain chill hours to bloom.
Without forage, Honey Bees will eat their stored food quickly wearing themselves out and dying.
Most if not all commercial beekeepers are from the south. We look to a quick build up of bees to send to California.
Millions of Honey Bee colonies are needed to produce abundant crops. Yet, most people won't think twice about Honey Bees until the selves are empty at Walmart.
Let us go ahead and preserve the future and have those Honey Bees removed and relocated. For all your Live Honey Bee Removal Birmingham AL needs call Yappy today.

( 256 ) 490 - 2331