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Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama

IRESCUEBEES Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama If you need our help with live bee hive removals in and around Birmingham Alabama call (256) 490-2331 We are here to help

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 Yappy Travis Ulbirch

Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama

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Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama

In 1990 the first case of killer bees in Alabama was confirmed. These bees have interbred with European bees, In most cases the African gene is not dominate. So when a swarm of bees shows up and hanging in your tree you need a professional to get them right away.

Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama

When bees get in to your walls don't leave them. Please, don't kill them either. Call Bee Removal Birmingham Alabama.

Spraying the bees is a big mistake. Not only are toxic chemicals used it leads to much bigger problems. First the bees are dead tens of thousands. the stink from the bees rotting in your walls is horrendous. Little critters smell the honey and flock to it causing the honey to ooze all over.

Your IRESCUEBEES  associate is well trained in removing the nest live. Yes even if the honey bees in Alabama have the African gene they are worth saving.

Ninety percent of the time that gene is not dominate, and can bee worked by an experienced beekeeper.

Did You Know

Thirty percent of managed colonies die every year? Sad to say but its true. the mysterious colony collapse is taking it's toll. Long ago it was called disappearing bees.

Colony collapse is not the only culprit there are others. We just need to realize that the loss of the bees means famine.

Honey bees are the only insect that provides food and medicine for humans.

Bee venom is used in the medical field as a cancer fighter. the active ingredient is Melittin. Recent studies show that melittin destroys cancer cell in vitro, Not only that but has proven a unique ability to destroy HIV cells and improve T cells counts.

Amazingly this small creature provides many pleasures to our lives. Please don't destroy them all bees are important.


Bee removal outlook 2017

This year we seen a mild winter. this means that feral colonies will go into spring with large winter stores to use to build up this spring. We at IRESCUEBEES expect a swarm call and removal call to increase substantially.

For Alabama residence please call your local IRESCUEBEES associate at the first sign of colonization. You will notice bees flying in and out of a crack or hole in your house. Also keep your eyes open for swarms. You can save a lot of money if you get us to remove the swarm BEFORE they colonize your home.