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Bee Removal Brownwood

Your safe and sustainable alternative to extermination. IRescuebees provides live Bee Removal Brownwood. Read our customers reviews

Bee Removal Brownwood  


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 We have been providing Live Bee Removal Brownwood and the entire Big Country for close to ten years. We have a ninety-nine percent success rate.

We are State Registered Beekeepers and we remove and relocate honey bees to one of our apiaries. This where we tend to their needs and keep them working for us all.

Lets talk about swarms...
Bee Removal Brownwood
Bee Removal Brownwood

Casting of a swarm is the honey bees way of replicating their colony. Within the huddled mass is the mother queen along with as many workers that left with her.

Seeing a swarm of bees on your property means the bees are looking for a safe place to colonize. Most of the time they move into your house.

Bee Removal Brownwood
Bee Removal Brownwood

This is the best time to gather them. But if they have already got in we can get them out.

We call removing hive of honey bees a cutout.

Bee Removal Brownwood
Bee Removal Brownwood

Just look what our customers are saying...

Our wild honey bee population needs help, IRescueBees is one way to insure wild honey bees for our future.

From FoxNews science we read

Declining honey bee population could spell trouble for some crops

The honey bee contributes to a third of the country's food supply but the population is declining.  Last year eight percent of the bees disappeared according to the American Beekeepers Federation. The situation was more severe between 2015 and 2016 when there was a 44 percent decrease in colonies.
Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, the President of the Bee Informed Partnership, says if this trend continues it could limit the food American's eat. "If we didn't have honey bees, we certainly would lose a lot of our diet," vanEngelsdorp said. He told Fox that would include blueberries, strawberries and vegetables

Please keep in mind that this article is only talking about managed colonies, not wild colonies. Read the full  FoxNews story here..

We specialize in wild honey bee removal and relocation.