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Bee Removal Bryan TX
Bee Removal Bryan TX

Beekeepers rant…

By now everyone has heard about the one million strong killer bee nest that is terrorizing an El Paso community. Well, it is mostly propaganda.

So called killer bees nest below grade, under your pad, in the roots of trees, in skunk or fox dens and caves. Not in the walls or attics of houses in this part of Texas.

Bee Removal Bryan TX

Their winter cluster is just to small to survive our winters above ground. Which means the bees in the reports were not killer bees.

In fact, if you read the article it states that students walking by the site of the removal never got stung. IF these were killer bees they would have chased the students off, stinging them all the way home.

Plus, as a professional beekeeper and live bee removal I can tell you that the colony in question could not have built up to one million bees this early in the season.

So, why were the bees so aggressive? Well, bees do not have emotions they were protecting their colony. The older the colony is the more protective the guards will be.

This is why you should never let Honey Bees live with you, they will become a problem latter down the line.