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Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx

I am your guilt free alternative to exterminating Honey Bees. My name is Ben and I provide Live Honey Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx.

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Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx
Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx

Whether you have Honey Bees hanging in your tree, or living in your house we can get them out Live. With thermal imaging we locate the colony, this mitigates unnecessary repairs.

I am a Texas registered Beekeeper with over 7 years experience with Live Honey Bee removal. For chemical free Live Honey Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx call today.

Just look at what our customers are saying...

(325) 201-8237

We all need Honey Bees, just look at the beauty around you. All of it is brought to you by feral Honey Bees.

Yet, in the news we read about the decline of Honey Bees Globally including other flying insects.

Bees in the news...

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Most people would notice much if our insect population crashed. That is exactly what has happened.
Since 1989 the flying insect population has fallen 75%. This has scientist alarmed at the thought of an ecological disaster.
 The almond growers in California need millions of Honey Bee colonies for production. Yet, Beekeepers have lost over 30% of their colonies.
Most Beekeepers can make up their losses, but at a cost. Last year growers paid $200 rent on hives for pollinating the blooms.
Almond growers are not the only ones scrambling for Bee hives. Farmers all across the country need Honey Bees to pollinate their crops.
Yet again, most people won't think twice to kill Honey Bees until the shelves are empty.
Yes, this is the stark reality we are facing with the massive use of pesticides, herbicides and urban sprawl. By the way, Killing feral Honey  Bees won't help just hinder.

Life without Honey Bees would make life dull and boring. I keep all the Honey Bees I remove and keep them in brand new equipment.

Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx
Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx

For Live Honey Bee Removal Buffalo Gap Tx call today.

(325) 201-8237