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Bee Removal Channelview TX
Extra cash for beekeepers
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Tips to keep you safe!

When wild Honey Bees show up at your door or a family members door there are a few things you need to know to keep you safe!

Bee Removal Channelview TX
Bee Removal Channelview TX
  1. When you see bees coming and going through a hole of a crack in your structure, call the professional list on this page immediately!
  2. Do not try to seal them in alive, they will find a way out! Most of the time the way out the bees find is into your house!
  3. Never attempt to remove a wild honey bee colony yourself! Even if you watched a bunch of bee removal videos!
  4. Do not, what ever you do, do not spray the bees or the beehive with chemicals or pesticides! This will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and other!
  5. Removing a colony of bees from a structure is arduous and dangerous requiring special skills, so expect to be charged a fee for the work!

Bee removal cost

Well that all depends on the level of experience of the professional you use! Typically, an inexperienced bee remover will charge around $150 pr structural  removal, while the bee remover with years of experience could charge three to five time that!

Furthermore, you could expect higher pricing for a ten year old colony versus a one year colony, and if the remover is going to make the repairs. But , that all depends on the professional!

Bee Removal Channelview TX
Bee Removal Channelview TX

If you want it done right the first time, use the bee removal expert with the most experience!

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