Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA

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Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA
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Warmer weather will bring the honey bees out in force, looking to gather food for their colony! At the same time, they will be searching for new places to live.

Please realize honey bees are wild insects and will vigorously defend themselves when provoked! When bees show up at your door, follow these simple guidelines to keep you and your family safe!

Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA
Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA

SO NOT attempt to remove bees yourself! DO NOT spray the bees with chemicals! Doing either of these WILL cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!

NEVER seal the bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time, the bees way out is into your house! Bee removal is arduous and dangerous, requiring special skills! So, expect to pay a fee for any removal rendered!

Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA

In Georgia, bee removal service providers must have a current pest control license! But, not all pest control companies will save the bees, it’s much easier to kill them!

So, make sure your pest control license holder is a Georgia beekeeper when you need bees removed! Beekeepers will take the time to save the bees and, have an apiary (bee yard) close by to take care of the bees, letting them continue to pollinate your local ecosystem.

Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA

You see, the honey bee/ pollinator crisis is far from over! Bee colonies are dying  30% a year!

Bee Removal Chattahoochee GA, your safe and sustainable choice!