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Bee Removal Chicago

Quite often during the year a swarm of Honey Bees may move in to your home. When they do we have the perfect Beekeeper for your Live Honey Bee Removal Chicago needs.

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Bee Removal Chicago
Bee Removal Chicago

 Wil Pilipauskas


Our friend Wil is an experienced Beekeeper and understands Honey bee behavior. We know he will do the job right. For all your live   Bee Removal Chicago  needs Wil is all you need.

Committed to a safe and sustainable alternative to extermination, we provide Live Honey Bee removal and relocation services. Thereby protecting our environment for future generations.

Bee Removal Chicago
Bee Removal Chicago

Not only do Honey Bees produce food and medicine for humans, they keep our ecosystem healthy and beautiful. Could you even imagine what things would be like without them.

Bee Removal Chicago
Bee Removal Chicago
Honey Bee News...

From the we can read how easily Honey Bees can be killed off.

Honey Bee health and their recent declines arouses concern globally. Seeing that the Honey Bee is out major pollinator.
Low nutrition of mono culture farming and massive use of pesticides is taking a hugh toll on this valuable insect.

You may think you could live without Bees, but could you live without apples, peaches or avocados. These and many other fruits and veggies are a direct result of Honey Bee behavior.

In a earlier report from Dr. Goulson states that we are on the edge of an environmental disaster.

A recent study has scientist and the informed public alarmed. Dr Goulson professor at Sussex University show that we have lost 75% of all flying insects since 1989.
Such a loss is unsustainable says Goulson, and will have irreversible consequences. Goulson also states that habitat loss, mono culture farming and massive pesticide use are the major players.

Honey Bees play a key role concerning life on Earth.

For all your Live Honey Bee Removal Chicago needs call IRescueBees today.