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Bee Removal College Park GA
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Spring is here, and so are the bees! When they show up at your door follow these simple guidelines to keep safe!

DO NOT attempt to remove bees yourself! DO NOT spray the bees! Doing either of these WILL cause the bees to become defensive!

Never seal the bees in, they will find there way out! Most of the time the bees way out is into your dwelling!

Bee Removal College Park GA
Bee Removal College Park GA

According to Georgia law, bee removal companies are required to have a pest control license. Yet, not all pest control license holders are beekeepers!

Desiring to save the bees is great, but if you hire the wrong company the bees will only be killed or released, a certain death sentence! That is why we are here, only beekeepers with to proper licenses are featured on our site!

Bee Removal College Park GA

You see, we are in a two decade long pollinator crisis, which also includes honey bees. Beekeepers across the planet lose thirty percent of their managed bee colonies every year, this is unsustainable!

That’s just the managed colonies, what about the feral honey bees that are working in your local area! Yes, wild honey bees bring health and productivity to your local ecosystem.

Bee Removal College Park GA

Let’s think about it for a moment! Yes, big AG needs honey bees, but you need them also for your home gardens and fruit trees! Without wild honey bees your food production at home does not do so well, does it?

Bee Removal College Park GA, your safe and sustainable choice!