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Bee Removal Dallas Texas

IRescueBees is providing live   Bee Removal Dallas Texas

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Bee Removal Dallas Texas
Bee Removal Dallas Texas

Joseph Norred

Our friend Joseph has a lifetime of honey bee experience, along with 29 years construction experience we know he will do the job right. Call Joseph Norred today for your  Bee Removal Dallas Texas  needs.
Bee Removal Dallas Texas
Bee Removal Dallas Texas

Honey bees are a vital part of our bountiful ecology and food supply. Have you ever wonder what life would be like without honey bees.

Needless to say we are fast approaching that scenario. With only ourselves to blame.

Since 1989 we have lost seventy five percent of all flying insects. Raising concern among scientist and the public.

Several reports have been written on the subject. Like Scientific American and even CNN

 Bee Removal Dallas Texas
Bee Removal Dallas Texas

Both showing that this dramatic decline in flying insects including honey bees needs to be stop. Man's excessive use of pesticides and destruction of habitat could lead to an ecological disaster.

Bee Removal Dallas Texas
Bee Removal Dallas Texas

Just recently the Rusty Patched bumble bee was listed on the Endangered Species list. The first pollinator ever listed.

Our friend Joseph will also remove and relocate bumble bees

Forbes is just one of many articles on the subject. January 11th, Fish and Wildlife listed the Rusty Patched bumble bee as endangered/

This comes after a reported 95 percent decline in their populations. Within the United States there are only forty bumble bee species.

Now, if bumble bees are declining what about honey bee populations. Well, we lose thirty three percent of managed colonies every year.

Yes, beekeepers can make the losses of managed colonies but at a cost.

Meaning, the beekeeper needs to charge for pollinating that the farmer passes to you. Increasing the cost of food on your table.

What is concerning to us is that wild honey bees are not in this statistic.

Instead of exterminating honey bees that move in with you, call your local IRescueBees associate to remove and relocate them live.

For all your live Bee Removal Dallas Texas needs Joseph is all you need...