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Bee Removal Eastland

IRescueBees provides professional live  Bee Removal Eastland, Tx

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If you need my help with Bee Removal in and around Eastland, TX do not hesitate to call me. I am here to help.

Bee Removal EastlandBee Removal Eastland

I have many years experience Keeping Bees. It is one of my great joys. I really like to watch swarms alight on trees, it's really cool.

First you hear rumble off in the distance, then a loud roar as they pass by and land.

Bee Removal Eastland TxBee Removal Eastland

Swarms are pretty mellow for the most part. But, you can stir them up if your not careful. If you get one in your yard or on your house  go ahead and call. It is alot cheaper to catch a swarm, then to cut them out of your walls.

At times bees will invade your home, NOT COOL! They will need to  come out  soon. this first picture is of a newly established colony. It has a small amount of comb and a low number of bees. probably only a couple weeks old.

Bee Removal Eastland Tx If left too long the will grow until they are out of control. Bees that have alot of honey become aggressive. The more honey, the more aggressive. Take a look at this twenty-five year old hive I removed in Roby Texas.

Bee Removal Eastland Tx
Bee removal Roby Tx

Bee Removal Eastland Tx Anyway this took about five hours to clear out. I will capture about ninety percent of the bees and I will capture the Queen. I Will clear the cavity of wax, brood and honey. Leaving nothing behind for any escaped bees to rebuild with, and will relocate them into a safe and cared for environment. Bees are important to our survival. Did you know that Bees are the only insect that produces food for humans. It's true

For all your  live  Bee Removal Eastland  needs, IRescueBees is all your need