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Bee Removal El Paso Texas

IRescueBees is now serving El Paso tx. Bee Removal El Paso Texas

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Bee Removal El Paso Texas


Everybody should know by now that our honey bees are big trouble. We are losing thirty percent of managed colonies every year.

There are many reasons for honey bee decline. But, what can you do?

You can start by calling your local IRescueBees associate when confronted with a bee issue.


 Bee Removal El Paso Texas  Bee Removal El Paso Texas

Honey bees swarm when the colony is overcrowded and plenty have plenty of honey.

This is how honey bees spread. Kinda like cell division. If you get a swarm of bees on your property call someone right away.

It is less costly to remove and relocate a swarm. Your IRescueBees associate can do that for you.

Much of the time the swarm is unseen and they get in your house, shed, barn or even your hot tub. We can can safely remove them live and relocate them some where else.

 Bee Removal El Paso Texas   Bee Removal El Paso Texas

We will capture and cage the queen along with most of the workers. We also remove all the comb and rebuild the hive in another location.

Saving our honey bees takes many forms, here is one way you can help

Call your  local IRescueBees associate today.

Bee Removal Outlook 2017

The winter has been very mild and southern portion of the State have not seen winter at all. This will have as effect on Feral honey bee populations.

Feral colonies have not used up their winter stores of honey. So, there is plenty of honey left over for the bees to build up quickly.

We expect a early and longer swarming season this year. At the same time we expect feral colonies will large making late season removal more challenging.

Warning for Texas. Winter has not been long or cold enough to kill feral Africanized honey bees. Please do not attempt to remove or kill honey bees yourself.

Always call a professional.

Your local IRescueBees associate.