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Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas

IRescueBees is now live. Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas we are here to help.

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Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas

Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas
Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas

Honey bee season is here and the swarms are flying.

Swarming is how a colony increases itself. When a colony is overcrowded and full of honey the queen says it is time to go find a new home.

The workers will make queen cups for the queen to lay in and will find them until the cell is capped.

They old queen and half the workers travel together like a roaring cloud to a place to rest. Once rested the swarm send out scouts to find a place to colonize.

Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas
Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas

When the scouts have found a suitable place the swarm moves in. It could be your house, your shed or even your hot tub.

Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas
Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas

Your local IRescuebees associate is well trained and experienced at removing honey from almost any structure. Swarms also.

We will capture the queen and most of the workers, remove all the comb and relocate them live to another location.

We save honey bees because they are important to the human specie. We believe every bee is with saving.

Did you know that a queen bee can lay two thousand eggs a day?

Honey bee are the only insect that produces food for humans?

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom can help destroy cancer and HIV cells?

Honey bee news

Recently in southern California there was a bee attack. Several people were stung and a dog killed. You more than likely saw this on the news.

The firefighters responded the only way they could. Spraying foam in to the air to try to keep the bees of the people they  were moving out of harms way.

The reporters showed a the tree that the offending bees came from. the responding firefighters foamed that as well.

I have been doing bee removals for a long time, I have seen this play out often.

Bees do not go on a rampage like the reporters try put out. in fact, when the bees attack it is because they were attacked first.

My educated guess is that some one at the mobile home park sprayed them with wasp and hornet spray. Or, the exterminator did it wrong and ran off.

It is dangerous to attempt to get rid of bees your self. Most exterminators will not spray bees anyway.

Call your local IRescueBees associate at the first sight of bees.

Bee Removal Fort Worth Texas