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Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI

Looking for a professional beekeeper for Live Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI, we have the right man for the job.

Andrew Koffron

( 734 ) 418 - 6426

Highly experienced and knowledgeable Andrew can handle any of your removal needs. From wasp, bumble bees and live honey Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI, he is waiting for your call.
Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI
Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI

Honey bees are an invasive species, not native to North America. Yet, our environment can not be sustained without honey bees.

The fact is, there is not enough native bee species to pollinate the variety of plants and trees that make our cities so beautiful.

For example Dr. Goulson in a recent report on tells us, flying insects pollinate over eighty percent of Earths plant life. The study also shows that we have lost seventy-five percent of flying insects since 1989.

The unsustainable facts is, losing our flying pollinator could lead to an ecological collapse. Meaning no fruit or veggies, not to mention higher prices for meats and dairy.

Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI
Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI

Just take a moment and look at the Rusty Patched bumble bee. The first pollinating species on the United States Endangered Species list.

Rusty and other native bees pollinate quite a bit of our environment. Thereby, keeping our wild areas alive and healthy.

We believe that others including the honey bee are not far behind. Forbes

Big AG and urban sprawl have increased the decline of out bees. Out dramatic decline IS a result of human caused factors.

Honey bees belong in our environment, not in our houses. I could not imagine a world without bees.

Really, saving our bees is one small step to ensuring a beautiful and bountiful environment for out children and their children.

For all your live honey Bee Removal Grand Rapids MI needs call Andrew...