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Bee Removal Hamlin

Bee Removal Hamlin Tx.

 Big Country Bee Removal

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Bee Removal Hamlin Tx. If you need my help with bee removals in and around Hamlin, TX do not hesitate to call me. I am here to help.Our mission is to save as much of Texas feral bee population as possible. Did you know that twenty -five percent of the foods you eat is a direct result of Honey bee activity. With the loss of the US honey bee population you can expect rising food prices.

Bee Removal Hamlin Tx .Bee Removal Hamlin Tx .

We will provide safe and sustainable bee removal and all bees will be hived at one of our apiaries. Cutouts are when Bees colonize a cavitiy either in your  house or in something with enough air volume like a barrel, tire or something similar.Bee Removal Hamlin Tx.Bee Removal Hamlin Tx.Bee Removal Hamlin Tx


You could call an exterminator, just realize that not only are they killing the target colony. They are also killing any other colony with-in three miles that decide to rob the dead colony. This is called a robbing frenzy. After a colony is killed other bees from different colonies smell the unprotected honey and they steal it. Taking the poisoned honey back to their colony and feeding it to the Queen, killing the colony. Not to mention the huge mess left behind. Exterminators leave the comb, Dead Bees and poisoned honey in the cavity. Leading to honey oozing into your house and attracting other pest ( Mice, Rats and Ants).

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Save your self from eating grass and have your Bees removed and relocated, call (325)201-8237 for Bee Removal Hamlin Tx. Big Country Bee Removal