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Bee Removal Katy TX

IRescueBees is live and providing live  Bee Removal Katy TX

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Your IRescueBees associate Dan Jones is a seasoned beekeeper and bee removal professional serving  Bee Removal Katy TX

IRescueBees and our associates proved nationwide bee removals.

Removing and relocating both swarms and established colonies.

Our mission is clear and to the point, to collect and protect our loyal pollinators.

Let's talk a little about swarms....

Honey bees live in a social order we call a colony. When the colonies nest is no longer able to be enlarged the colony will divide.

The mother queen and half the workers will leave in search of a new home.

Bee Removal Katy TX   Bee Removal Katy TX

These are both swarms, the one on the left is still looking for a home. The swarm on the right has found their new home.

After a couple of days the swarm on the right will be inside. Quickly they will build their nest.

When you see a swarm of honey bees on your property call us right away. It is much easier to remove a swarm then it is to remove a colony.

Now, the basics of removing a colony...

A colony consists of a laying queen, a few hundred plus workers and a handful of drones. The comb is the nest where the young are raised and food is stored.

Bee Removal Katy TX    Bee Removal Katy TX

We search thru the comb for the queen, we cage the queen when found.

At the same time we capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

All of this is taken to the apiary, and the nest rebuilt into a hive. The apiary is where the beekeeper tends to the needs of the colony.

Anyone that says using a beevac kills the bees do not know what they are talking about and should not be doing bee removals.

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