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Bee Removal Lansing MI

Looking for a professional beekeeper for your live Bee Removal Lansing MI needs, you came to the right place. We also remove wasp and Bumble bees.

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Andrew Koffron

( 734 ) 418 - 6426

I have learned a lot from Andrew, and I am pleased to have him on my site. Understanding and knowledgeable, he is the right beekeeper for your live Bee Removal Lansing MI needs.
Bee Removal Lansing MI
Bee Removal Lansing MI

Imagine if you will, that self pollinating apple tree you planted in your yard. Spring comes and your tree lights up with blooms.

Awaiting the harvest you can taste those sweet apples already. Although your tree is labeled self pollinating, it still needs a pollinator.

Which on will come and set your fruit, Honey bees are the best. Without them your harvest will be small at best.

Bee Removal Lansing MI
Bee Removal Lansing MI

We all need honey bees, but not living in our house with us. This where live honey bee removal is needed.

Using thermal imaging we can pinpoint the location of the nest and remove it with minimal repairs needed. IRescueBees and our associates are highly trained for any bee encounter.

Removing the live and relocating them so your trees can still be pollinated.

Since 1998 the world has lost large numbers of flying insects according to Dr, Goulson. In his interview on he remarks on how bad things will get without them.

Massive disappearance of butterflies and bees has scientists and the public concerned. We have lost seventy-five percent of out flying insects since 1989.
Dr. Goulson states "this a huge problem and could lead to a ecological collapse.

Yes, Flying insects make up the bulk of life on Earth. We need you to help save our planet.

For all your live Bee Removal Lansing MI needs call Andrew today...