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Bee Removal Los Angeles Ca
Bee Removal Los Angeles Ca

When bees show up follow these guidelines!

  1. Do not attempt to remove bee yourself!
  2.  Do not spray chemicals or pesticides on bees or their beehive! Doing so will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!
  3. Never seal the bees in, they will find their way out! most of the time the way out the bees find is into your house!
  4. There is a lot of confusion in our bee removal market, be sure the professional you hire is a Beekeeper!
  5. Bee removal is arduous and dangerous, requiring special skills! So, expect to be charged a fee for their work!

What does bee removal cost?

When giving an estimate, we take many tings into consideration. Things like, the age of the colony, it’s location, it’s height or is it in a confined space and the precariousness of the job!

Another consideration is experience, typically the lowest prices is from a bee removal company with little or no experience!

Killer bees!


The SO CALLED killer bee attacks around Southern California has made a nice niche for the exterminators. We call the attacks SO CALLED because  honey bees/ killers do not attack unprovoked.

Somebody did something to a colony that cause a defensive response. Most of the time this caused by a DIY extermination attempt, a hobbyist removal attempt or an ignorant Pest Control company.

Honey rates of decline are at 30 percent of managed colonies, no telling how high for wild colonies. It would really help our environment if cities would promote bee removal like Austin is considering.

Prevention is the best medicine…
Bee Removal Los Angeles Ca
A swarm fixing to move in

Bee Removal Basics!

When you see a cluster of bees like the one in the above picture you need to call us right away. Removing them while in this state will keep them from getting in your house.

Now, supposing they do get into your house, we can remove them also. A cutout is what we call removing an established colonies.

Bee Removal Los Angeles Ca
Crazy big nest under floor

Once we capture the queen and most of the workers we remove all the comb. Carefully inspecting the next cavities to be sure we leave very few behind.

Our wild bee colonies need your help, have them removed and relocated.

From we read.

Nanoparticles contain in fuel and neonicotinoid insecticides are leading causes to our current plight concerning honey bees.

 You can read the full story here.

The choice is your, what will you do? Save them or kill them?