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Bee Removal Mesquite TX
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When bees show up at your door, what will you do? Call the TAIS (Texas Apiary Inspection Service) beekeeper on this page, plus follow these tip of what not to do!

DO NOT attempt to remove bees yourself! DO NOT spray the bees or their beehive with chemicals! Doing either of these things will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!

Finally, NEVER seal the bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time the bees way out is into your house!

Bee Removal Mesquite TX
Bee Removal Mesquite TX

Live bee removal is laborious and hazardous, requiring special skills! So, expect to pay a fee for the removal! Typically, experience regulates cost, bee removers with little or no experience will charge less.

Furthermore, most bee removal companies DO NOT rescue the bees! That is why you should always go with the remover that is TAIS registered!

Bee Removal Mesquite TX
Bee Removal Mesquite TXRescueBee

IRescueBees and our network members understand the importance of honey bees and our ecosystem! We rescue all honey bees, even if you think they are killer bees!

Most of the time they are not, the killer bee thing is just a SALES PITCH of the pest control industry to protect their profits! Last year alone, exterminators killed and estimated million feral colonies, how sustainable is that?

Bee Removal Mesquite TX
Bee Removal Mesquite TX

It’s not sustainable at all, considering beekeepers have been losing 30% of their colonies every year! Also considering, that we are in a two decade long pollinator decline!

Bee Removal Mesquite TX, your safe and sustainable choice!