Bee Removal Mineral Wells

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Bee Removal Mineral Wells
Bee Removal Mineral Wells

Save our bees with your local Bee Removal Mineral Wells service professional

The news about Honey bees just keeps getting worse every day. Mounting losses is putting the worlds food security at risk.

Needless to say, Honey Bees are a food chain link we cannot afford to lose. Just check out some of the recent reports on the net and you’ll understand.

The UN just published a report celebrating the greatest of all pollinators. Well, they want you to believe that climate change and big AG insecticide use is to blame for our current pollinator crisis.

Here is another, TIME reported that massive honey bee deaths are putting farms and your favorite foods at risk. You see, to get the best crops and abundant yields, farmers rent Honey Bees for pollination. Thirty percent of your food is the direct result of honey bee behavior.

Bee Removal Mineral Wells
Bee Removal Mineral Wells

Yet nobody, I mean NOBODY is telling you, (except me ) pest control is killing far more honey bees than anything the media could come up with. In fact, I recently talked to a exterminator that told me he was killing 20 honey bee colonies a week!

That’s just one, how many exterminators are there in the United States. Worst of all, when the pest control fails that’s when folks call us. Maybe, people should call the bee removal professionals first, cuz I do not want their poison on me.

Bee Removal Mineral Wells
Beautiful don’t you think?

The entire ecosystem depends on you, so what will it be? Are you gonna kill those bees or will you save them.

See, I have placed before you life or death!