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Bee Removal Nassau Bay! Welcome to IRescueBees, your source for Texas Apiary Inspection Service registered beekeepers!

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Bee Removal Nassau Bay
Bee Removal Nassau Bay

Your safety is important to us, so while your waiting for your removal, her are a few safety tips to keep safe!

  1. Do Not attempt to remove the bees yourself!
  2. Do Not try to spray chemicals or pesticides on the bees or their beehive! Doing so will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!
  3. Never seal the bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time the way out the bees find is into your house!
  4. Texas DOES NOT issue bee removal licenses or permits, so make sure your removal professional is TAIS registered! ( all our network members are TAIS registered )
  5. Bee Removal is arduous and dangerous, requiring special skills. So, expect to be charged a fee for the removal!
Bee Removal Nassau Bay
Bee Removal Nassau Bay

What does bee removal cost?

Honestly, there many factors that affect the cost! Contributing factors are, how longer the colony has been there, height, confined space and if repairs will be made by the bee remover.

The old saying goes, you get what you pay for! Typically, the lowest bid is given by an bee remover with little to no structural bee removal experience!

Bee Removal Nassau Bay
Bee Removal Nassau Bay

Needless to say, if you want the bees out, a hole needs to be cut, most of the time! Our bee removal network members use thermal imaging technology to precisely locate the beehive!

Thermal imaging mitigates unnecessary cuts! We look forward to finding the best TAIS registered beekeeper for Nassau Bay TX.

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