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Bee Removal Novice Tx

Looking for a professional beekeeper for your Live Bee Removal Novice Tx needs, give me a call. My name is Ben, I am a registered TEXAS beekeeper. Call today.

(325) 201-8237

Bee Removal Novice Tx
Bee Removal Novice Tx
I have over 7 years of Bee Removal experience, and teach it to my young beekeeping students. Bee Removal Novice Tx is always an adventure.

Using thermal imaging to pin point the exact location of the Honey Bee nest, thereby mitigating unnecessary repairs. All Honey Bees Removed WILL be relocated live to one of my apiaries in the Big Country.

Bee Removal Novice Tx
Bee Removal Novice Tx

The above pictures are of my son and a few of his friends. They wanted to learn Beekeeping, so I taught them. It is always enjoyable when I get to teach.

The latest Honey Bee news...

Before I get to the news I would like to remind you that in most cases Honey Bees can be removed Alive. There is rarely an reason to exterminate.

Not only are bees ( both Native and Managed ) declining we can now add the bi polar weather to the deadly mix.
In the United States beekeepers are loosing at least 33% of their colonies every year. The reason for these declines many.
Starting with improper AG chemical applications and GMO crops to Mono culture farming and habitat loss. Bees in general are getting hammered.
To add insult to injury the weather is taking its toll. Texas A&M put a report on how our warmer winters  contributes to the Honey Bee crash.
Honey Bees are needed for crop pollination, the first is the Almonds in California. Yet growers are in a frantic search for Honey Bees.
It has been reported that the Almond crop needs a little more than half of the Nations Honey Bee colonies to set the nut.

You can read the full report on Almond growers search for at the Daily Democrat News.