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Bee Removal Orlando FL

IRescueBees is providing live  Bee Removal Orlando FL

Dennis Langlois

Yes the Bee Guy Dennis Langois has been removing bees in the Orlando Florida area for tens years. He is a registered beekeeper and is willing to help save the bees. for all your live  Bee Removal Orlando FL The Bee Guy is all you need.

 Removing and relocating both swarms and established colonies.

Our mission is clear, to collect and protect our loyal pollinators.

Let's talk about swarms...

A large, dense group of honey bees attached to something is what we call a swarm. Not to be mistaken for a bunch of bee flying around, that is most often referred to as swarming.

Bee Removal Orlando FL
Bee Removal Orlando FL

Notice how these bees are bunched together and attached to the tree limb. While the queen is resting other bees go out and look for a suitable home.

Upon finding that perfect location the entire cluster roars off to there new home. Hopefully it is not your home.

Bee Removal Orlando FL
Bee Removal Orlando FL

Seeing a swarm on your shed, barn or home is a warning sign that the bees are moving in. Call your local IRescueBees associate right away before they disappear inside.

Better yet, call us even if you see them in a cluster anywhere on your property.

Now, the basics of removing a colony...

A colony consist of a laying queen, a few hundred plus workers and a handful of drones. The comb is the nest where the honey bees raise their young and store food.

First, we need to locate the nest. After we find the nest, we expose the cavity the nest is in.

Bee Removal Orlando FL   Bee Removal Orlando FL

Carefully, we search thru the comb for the queen. Caging her when she is found.

At the same time we capture and cage most of the workers and remove all the comb.

Then, we take it all back to the apiary and rebuild the bees nest into a hive. The apiary is where the beekeeper tends to the needs of the colony.

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For live   Bee Removal Orlando FL   IRescueBees is all you need...