Bee Removal Piney Point Village / TAIS Registered

Bee Removal Piney Point Village Honey Bee Rescue Service! Welcome to IRescueBees, your professional bee removal source!

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Bee Removal Piney Point Village
Bee Removal Piney Point Village

Knowing that having bee living with you is stressful, and Honey bee colonies are in decline! We have put together a list of the top TAIS bee removal experts for Harris County!

A TAIS registered beekeeper will always remove those wayward bees and relocate them to a safe environment to continue there amazing work!

Bee Removal Piney Point Village
Bee Removal Piney Point Village

Yet, not all bee removal companies are the same! Most are looking for the quick buck and do not take the time or care to save the colony!

Others are just bee killers disguised as beekeepers giving you the pitch that your bee are killer bees and serve no purpose! Well, I can tell you that if the bee are not underground, they are not killer bees and you can tell those guys to take a walk!

Bee Removal Piney Point Village
Bee Removal Piney Point Village

We need to remember that Honey bees, wild or domestic are Earths greatest pollinator! With out them are food prices would skyrocket!

Yet, pest control does not seem to care! They kill an estimated three quarters of a million wild honey bee colonies every year just in the United States!

Yet, most people won’t give Honey bee decline a second thought until the market shelves are empty! Anyway, that’s my rant!

Bee removal basics

First we locate the beehive using thermal imaging technology! Once the nest is located we open the cavity!

With the beehive exposed, we capture and cage the Queen bee and ninety-five percent of the workers and remove the comb!

All this is taken to our apiary and re-installed into their new home.

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