Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO

Introducing your local Live Honey Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO, here on IRescueBees. Saving our Bees one colony at a time.

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Everybody has something they are passionate about, Bees is ours. The sad news is that pollinators are in a steep decline.

Scientific research has show that flying insect populations have drop 75% since 1989. Read Dr. Goulsons study here.

Bee Removal Beaumont TX
We depend on each other

Honey Bees, however are our most important pollinators. Most of the food we eat is a direct result of honey bee behavior.

Honey bees even play a part in milk fat production so you can butter your toast.

Yet, it seems that pest control companies have no concern about your food supply.

Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO
Less than one year old

In the United States alone, exterminators kill an estimated half a million honey bee colonies a year. How’s that gonna help the already struggling pollinator populations.

Well it’s not, our bees will continue to die off until certain destructive practices stop. Which will be hard, considering how much money pest control companies make just killing honey bees.

Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO

When honey bees decide to move in with you, you need professional help. Having them removed live and relocated is the safe and sustainable choice.

Austin is your guy, not only does he save the bees, he also builds awesome bee hives to sell. It is worth checking into, you may want to keep bees yourself, and Austin is a great source in Missouri.

Remember, your food supply is in your hands, make the safe and sustainable choice, hav Austin rescue them bees!

Your local Live Honey Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO professional will locate the nest and remove the whole thing, relocating them to their apiaries.

Bee Removal Poplar Bluff MO
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