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Bee Removal Sachse Tx

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 We, at IRescueBees would like to introduce to you our friend Darwyn Flynn. Darwyn is your live  Bee Removal Sachse Tx  professional.

An experienced beekeeper and breeder, we know he'll get the job done right. Call Darwyn for all your bee removal needs.

Our mission is clear, to collect and protect our loyal pollinators.

Bee Removal Sachse Tx
Bee Removal Sachse Tx

Imagine if you will, that all honey bees and other pollinators disappeared. Sounds abit far fetched but the reality is our pollinators have declined 75% since 1989. Notice this article from Bloomberg View

Humans can't handle the truth of what they are causing to out environment. Most scientists candy coated so the masses can continue to function.
Yes, ecological disaster though far off, we are seeing the signs. Scientists in Germany found that we have lost 75% of flying insects since 1989.
Flying pollinators such as honey bees, bumble bees pollinate 80% of the plant life on Earth.
Bee Removal Sachse Tx
Bee Removal Sachse Tx 

There are many contributing factor for this decline. Climate Chaos, massive chemical use and Gmo are just a few.

Take into consideration the first native pollinator on the Endangered Species List. The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee.

We have, in North America three thousand species of native bees. But, only forty are Bumble Bees.

On Cnn we can read about bee losses in out nation. Yet, feral honey bees are not to far behind.

Out current pollinator crash is worldwide. The reasons are mostly habitat loss and pesticide use among others. 
40% of land is used for Mono culture farming which creates a food desert for are pollinator. Not to forget that 60% of crops grown are GMO.

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