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Bee Removal San Angelo Tx

With the understanding that our ecosystem is dependent on Honey Bee behavior, we should always choose Live Bee Removal first. For all your Live Bee Removal San Angelo Tx needs, call today.


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Bee Removal San Angelo Tx
Bee Removal San Angelo Tx

I know that your area has a lot of feral honey bees, keeping your ecosystem healthy and productive. Yet, there is a lot of talk about the decline of U. S. colonies.

Actually the decline is world wide. Here is just one report I'd


Bee Removal San Angelo TxBee Removal San Angelo Tx

Not all Bee Removal companies remove bees live. In fact, several so called bee removal professionals are exterminators in disguise. They call what they do Bee Removal, but the fact remains that they kill the bees and then, for an extra charge remove the comb.

They will show up with their bees suits on, and then tell you your bees are killer bees, then offer to kill them for a fee. Don't be fooled, If they are listed on IRescueBees you can rest easy knowing the bees will be removed live and relocated to an apiary.

Bee Removal San Angelo Tx
Bee Removal San Angelo Tx

Bee Removal in the State of Texas is a unregulated business, this means any one with a saw can do it. So, do your research, ask questions.

Things to ask would be, What will you do the bees once removed? How did you learn about Bee Removals? Are you a Beekeeper? What is you Brand?

The Brand is important, if the person removing the bees can recite their TAIS brand this will mean the are a legit beekeeper.

Better yet, just hire your Live Bee Removal San Angelo Tx expert from IRescueBees listings. We have asked all the questions for you.

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