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Bee Removal San Antonio
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The State of Texas recommends you only use a TAIS (Texas apiary inspection service) registered beekeeper for any feral honey bee issues you may encounter! Doing so will ensure your bees will properly removed and relocated!

Bee removal is arduous and dangerous, requiring special skills! So, expect to be charged for the removal!

Bee Removal San Antonio
Bee Removal San Antonio

Safety first!

Honey bees are a wild insect, armed with tiny hypodermic needles! Bees will become extraordinarily defensive when provoked!

Therefore, do not attempt to remove bees yourself, do not spray chemicals on the bees or their beehive! Doing so will only endanger yourself and others!

Never try to seal bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time, the bees way out is into your house!

Bee Removal San Antonio

Bee Removal a sustainable alternative to extermination!

2019, beekeepers lost over 30% of their managed colonies! This is not a new thing, beekeepers have been struggling with colony collapse since 1989.

This crisis is putting our food security at risk! Honey bees, wild or managed are the number one pollinators of the World!

Bee Removal San Antonio

Honey bees are responsible for most of the produce on the market shelves! Yet, pest control destroys one million feral colonies each and every year!

Live bee removal preserves those wayward bees and their nest, allowing them to continue pollinating our local ecosystem and gardens! For the sake of your children have your bees saved by a TAIS registered beekeeper!

The choice is yours, save or destroy!