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Bee Removal Southside Place
Bee Removal Southside Place

Every city in Harris County has feral honey bees! When they show up at your door it can be a little scary, so here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe.

What to do when bees show up!

  1. Stay clam, keep children and dogs at a safe distance! Call your local professional beekeeper listed on this page!
  2. DO NOT try to remove or scare the bees off!
  3. NEVER spray the bees or their beehive with chemicals or pesticides! This will only cause the bees to become defensive, endangering yourself and others!
  4. DO NOT attempt to seal the bees in, they WILL find their way out! Most of the time the way out is into your house!
  5. Texas DOES NOT issue bee removal licenses or permits, and the bee removal business is completely unregulated! Make sure the company removing your bees is TAIS registered! ( all our network members are TAIS registered beekeepers )
  6. Bee removal is arduous and dangerous requiring special skills, so expect to be charge a fee for the removal!
Bee Removal Southside Place
Bee Removal Southside Place

What does bee removal cost?

That all depends, your bee removal professional will take into consideration the age and size of the colony, as well as the placement, height and repairs!

Typically, the inexperienced bee remover/ killer will be very inexpensive! If the colony is too big or defensive the cheap guy will run off, leaving you with tens of thousands of flying stinging insect!

On the other hand, the experienced beekeeper will charge you a fair price for amount work needed to safely remove the beehive! They will never run from a large colony, staying and working until things are safe!

Bee Removal Southside Place
Bee Removal Southside Place

Bee removal, what to expect!

When you call, the beekeeper will ask a few questions about your situation. When he shows up for the appointment, most bee removal professionals will conduct a thermal image scan.

Thermal imaging shows us exactly where the beehive is. Once the beehive is located, the cavity can be opened.

Now, your bee remover will search the beehive for the Queen bee while caging the workers! When the Queen is found she is added to the cage with the workers.

The Queen, workers and all the comb is removed and relocated to your professionals bee yard.

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