Bee Removal Sugar Land / Live Honey Bee Removal

It happens to a lot of folks in Sugar Land, Honey Bees move in with you! When they do, call your local Bee Removal Sugar Land provider!

Live Bee Removal Missouri City TX
Only use a real Beekeeper for your removal needs


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Ed Veiseh

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Bee Removal Sugar Land
Bee Removal Sugar Land

Not only does Ed provide live bee removal and relocation services in and around Missouri City, but also Katy, Rosenberg, Richmond and Missouri City.

Ed, also has his hands in other beekeeping services, such as: agricultural exemptions, backyard bee rentals, and mentorships. Also, ED is in the process of establishing a Houston area professional bee remover association.

Bee Removal Sugar Land
Bee Removal Sugar Land

Yet, not all bee removal companies are the same, in fact, most are just bee killers wanting to make a quick buck. You should always use a State Registered beekeeper for all your Texas bee removal needs.

That way you will know that the bees you paid to have removed will be place in a State inspected apiary! Keep Texas Bees alive in Texas!

Bee Removal Sugar Land
Bee Removal Sugar Land

Sadly, Honey Bee declines are still going strong, another twenty percent of managed colonies have died this winter. But, that is just the managed colonies, what about the wild ones!

Pest control is the most disastrous effect on Wild Honey bee populations. Exterminators kill an estimated three quarters of a million colonies every year in the United States.

They come to your house to do a bee removal then suddenly your bees are killer bees and need to be exterminated. B.S., That is just a sales pitch to get the quick and easy money out of you. Companies like that, and there are a lot of them, need to be stop!

Ed is a State Registered Beekeeper

See also Rosenberg, Richmond, Katy and Missouri City