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Bee Removal Toledo OH

Looking for Live Bee Removal Toledo OH look no further IRescueBees has the perfect Beekeeper for you.


Andrew Koffron

( 734 ) 418 - 6426

Andrew is one of the best at his job, we know you will be satisfied. For live Bee Removal Toledo OH call Andrew Koffron today...
Bee Removal Toledo OH
Bee Removal Toledo OH

It is hard to believe that with all the reports online about bee decline most people do not know the true extent. American commercial beekeepers lost close to 30% of their colonies this year.

You can read a report from Index Journal

One in every three bites of food is a direct result of honey bee behavior. Containing essential micronutrients like Vitamin A and C, iron, zinc along with a full complement of amino acids and antioxidants.

Honey bees also fodder for cattle such as alfalfa and clover, giving us milk, cheese, butter and beef. All these yummy things depend on honey bees to do their jobs.

In North America we have about 3600 native wild bees, But that number is declining because of pesticide use. Not to mention habitat loss, poor nutrition and disease.

The formerly common rusty patched bumble bee has been added to the Endangered Species List.

Bee Removal Toledo OH
Bee Removal Toledo OH

With America's honey bee colonies continue to struggle, losing 36 percent a year.

 As you can see things are not too great for our pollinators. Honey bees are, by far the best at maintaining our environment.
Bee Removal Toledo OH
Bee Removal Toledo OH

When you see a swarm hanging in your tree or on your house call Andrew he will remove them and relocate the live.

Here is an excerpt from his page...

Beekeepers wonder why their bees are dying out. Well spreading of chemicals everywhere the fly and what is taken back to their nest might have something to do with it.

These poison are toxic to them as well as us.

Remember for all your live Bee Removal Toledo OH needs IRescueBees and Andrew is all you need.