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Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

A Texas State Registered Beekeeper providing live Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

Ben Kazyaka


(325) 201-8237

Bee Removal Weatherford Tx
Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

With over 7 years experience and a 99% success rate we know you will be pleased. See what our customers are saying

However I am based in Abilene Tx, meaning we will only remove and relocate established colonies from Weatherford. No swarm calls please.

Bee Removal Weatherford Tx
Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

Using thermal imaging we can pin point the location of the nest of honey bees. Thereby, mitigating unnecessary repairs.

When you have Honey Bees living with you remember IRescueBees live Bee Removal Weatherford Tx.
Bee Removal Weatherford Tx
Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

Recently in the news you have heard that honey bees are in decline. Well, yes and no.

You see most articles on the subject only show managed colony loses. There is no mention of the feral honey bees that suffer the same ailments and poisoning.

Yet, managed colony losses are real. Could you imagine a world without honey bees.

Bee Removal Weatherford Tx
Bee Removal Weatherford Tx

Habitat destruction, GMO crops and massive use pf pesticides is what cause the feral honey bee to move in with you. They are just trying to survive.

The really sad part is most people will call an exterminator to kill them. IRescueBees will not kill them, we remove honey bees and bumble bees live.

All the bee we remove we keep...

In recent study conducted by

Over 75 percent of flying insects has disappeared since 1989, alarming scientist and the public.
The bulk of live on Earth are insects. Pollinating over 80 percent of all flowering plants, Yep just about all of them.
Losing our flying insects means losing most, if not all fruits and vegetables.

Lets not take that chance and put forth the effort to maintaining our food supply for the future.

For all your live   Bee Removal Weatherford Tx   IRescueBees is all you needs...