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Bee Removal Winters Tx

We are State Registered Beekeepers providing live Bee Removal Winters Tx

Ben Kazyaka


(325) 201-8237

A Stated Registered Beekeeper, I have been servicing the Big Country for many years. I specialize in wild honey bee colony removal and relocation. For all your live Bee Removal Winters Tx needs call me.

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Their are a lot of wild bee colonies in our area, if left too long they will become protective. When you see a tightly clustered group of honey  bees hanging on your house or tree, call us immediately.

That way they do not move into your house or shed.

Lets talk about swarms...
Bee Removal Winters Tx
Bee Removal Winters Tx

A swarm is cast when a honey bee colony runs out of room in their nest to grow. The mother queen and half the workers leave the new queen and her workers to find a new home.

It is a sure bet that if you have a swarm hanging on or near your property, they are fixen to move in with you. It is cheaper to have us capture the swarm then for us to cut them out of your house.

What if you have bees in your house...

No worries, we can get them out. We will locate the nest with a thermal image scan.

Once located we open the cavity and capture the queen. At the same time we captured the workers and remove all the comb.

Bee Removal Winters Tx
Bee Removal Winters Tx

It is important to understand that bees are in decline. Here is a report from the Badger Hearld read the full story.

Wisconsin communities make efforts to address local pollinator, honeybee decline

Report shows Wisconsin as one of few states experiencing over 60 percent honeybee decline in 2014-15, UW environmental educator says community solutions, education will save pollinators...
For all your live  Bee Removal Winters Tx  IRescueBees is all you need