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Bee Removal Yukon OK

IRescueBees is serving the Yukon OK. Bee Removal Yukon OK

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Bee Removal Yukon OK

IRescueBees and our associates provide professional bee removal and relocation services for Yukon OK.

We remove both swarms and established colonies. We strive keeping honey bees alive and we use no poisons.


A swarm is the honey bees way of propagating itself. A lot like cell division.

When the colony is overcrowded and has plenty of honey stores it will split. The mother will leave the virgin queen and half the workers in search of a suitable place to colonize.

These are swarms.

Bee Removal Yukon OK    Bee Removal Yukon OK

All the workers are huddled around the queen. Meanwhile, the scouts are surveying the area for a new home.

Once the home is selected the swarm will move in.

Swarms are the easiest to remove. Call your local IRescueBees associate when you see one on your property.


Removing an established colony is much more challenging. The process is called a cutout.

Bee Removal Yukon OK


Notice all the comb.

We search the comb for the queen. Once she is spotted we cage her.

We capture and cage most of the workers. Working carefully so no honey bees are killed.

The brood comb and the honey comb is removed and separated. The whole thing is taken to a safe location and the entire colony is put back together.



Exterminating honey bees does not work most of the time. In fact most of time the exterminator needs to treat the colony several times. And, it still does not work.

Here is a colony that had been treated with poison five times and it still did not work.

Bee Removal Yukon OK

After the fifth unsuccessful attempt at extermination the homeowner call us and we saved the whole colony.

Notice the bluish grey comb in the middle. That is the poison.

When extermination does work you end up with many more problems.

Other critters come to feast on the unprotected honey allowing it to ooze into your house.

Bee Removal Yukon OK

What a big mess.

Then comes the stink of tens of thousands of honey bees rotting in your walls.

Save time and money by saving our honey bees. Call your local IRescueBees associate today

Bee Removal Yukon OK