Chula Vista Bee Removal

OK, so you got bees living with you, what are your choices? You can either kill them or better yet, save them by calling your Chula Vista Bee Removal experts, today!

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Attention area beekeepers, you can make a living collecting bees for your apiary. Just start your own bee removal business. It is easy, just join the IRescueBees team of experts and be the only one on our Chula Vista Bee Removal page.

Chula Vista Bee Removal
Chula Vista Bee Removal

Whenever and wherever bees show up at your house, we can get them out. Alive, yep, always live bee removal and relocation service can only be found here.

You may not know it, honey bees and other pollinators are in a 20 year crisis. Only being noticed when honey bees started to collapse in 1989.

Chula Vista Bee Removal

And still, science has no concrete answers. Yet they do understand that this pollinator crisis could lead to food scarcity. You see, honey bee are responsible for a third of all the food you eat, yep, that includes your meat.

To top it all off, exterminators are killing hundreds of thousands of feral honey bees every year. The pitch they use is that the  bees the colonized your house are killer bees and serve no purpose. LOL

Well a knowledgeable beekeeper can take those so called killer bees and reform them into productive members of the greater pollinator society. Thereby continuing to provide pollination for your local ecosystem.

Chula Vista Bee Removal

Did you know that, just the California Almond growers need a little over half of the Nations honey bee colonies to produce almonds. Well, what about the avocados and oranges. Can see where I am going with this.

Yep, do not let the exterminators con you in to having these beneficial insects killed, there are only so many.

For all your Live Chula Vista Bee Removal needs call us today!