Crosby TX Bee Removal / TAIS Registered Beekeeper

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Crosby TX Bee Removal
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When bees show up at your door, there are a few thing you should never do! Following these simple tips will keep you safe!

DO NOT remove bees your self! DO NOT spray the bees with chemicals! Doing either of these WILL cause the bee to become defensive!

NEVER seal the bees in, they will find their way out! Most of the time the way out is into your house!

Crosby TX Bee Removal
Crosby TX Bee Removal

Bee Removal is dangerous, requiring special skills! Expect to pay a fee for any bee removal services!

Choosing the right bee removal professional can be tricky. Many bee removal companies advertise bee removal, yet are not even beekeepers! The State of Texas recommends you only use a TAIS (Texas Apiary Inspection Servie) registered beekeeper for any of your honey bee issues!

Crosby TX Bee Removal
Crosby TX Bee Removal

Texas recommends using TAIS beekeepers so the State knows the bees are saved, instead of released or worse, killed! TAIS understand the current pollinator crisis that has been ongoing since 1989!

Our Texas ecosystem and food security is dependent on wild honey bee behavior! Calling the exterminator is counterproductive!

Crosby TX Bee Removal
This is a beneficial insect, not a pest!

In the name of profit, an estimated one million honey bee colonies were killed by pest control across the United State last year alone! Kinda makes you wonder if they even care about food security or even life!

Earth’s biosphere is 80% flowering plant life! Not only do these plants provide food, they also are a source of medicine and the air we breathe!

Crosby TX Bee Removal your safe and sustainable chioce!