El Cajon Bee Removal

There is no need to beat around the bush on this matter, our food supply depends on honey bees whether wild or managed. For Live El Cajon Bee Removal call!

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El Cajon Bee Removal
El Cajon Bee Removal

Honey bees are an invasive insect that is vital to our ecosystem and food supply. Wild honey bees are just as important.

When those wayward bees move in with you, you should have them removed LIVE and relocated to your local beekeeper’s apiary. That way those bees you saved can continue to serve your ecosystem.

I used to live in San Diego county, and I know ya’ll have fruit trees growing in your neighborhoods. Consider how your trees and gardens would produce without honey bees in your area.

El Cajon Bee Removal

The loss of honey bees is very real! In fact, beekeepers lose 30% of their managed colonies every year.

Meanwhile there is a holocaust of the wild honey bee population perpetuated by the pest control companies. Killing hundreds of thousands of feral honey bee colonies every year under the propaganda of KILLER BEES.

El Cajon Bee Removal

Well, knowledgeable beekeepers are able to turn those so called killer bees into productive pollinators of your environment. Which, cuts down the exterminators sales pitch, and turns it into an out right lie.

Again, I need to point out that we are in a 20 year pollinator crisis, which honey bees are the major player. They (honey bees) ARE responsible for a third of your food!

Save the bees, save yourself with Live El Cajon Bee Removal