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Honey bees are a vital part of life on Earth, shouldn’t you have them removed and relocated live. For all your Live Houston Live Bee Removal needs call today.


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Yep, our friend Mark has been in the bee removal as long as I have known him. I have seen his work and know you will bee pleased.

Houston Live Bee Removal
Houston Live Bee Removal

Lets face the facts, pollinator species ARE in decline. We have lost over seventy five percent of out flying insects since 1989.

Flying insects, honey bees pollinate over eighty percent of plant life on planet Earth. This dramatic loss could lead to a ecological collapse.

Houston Live Bee Removal
No Bees, No Trees

Meaning a huge decline in fruits and veggies, not to forget the higher prices for meat and milk. Yes, honey bees bring us meat and milk.

Honey bees are needed to pollinate Alfalfa which fattens livestock and increases milk production in cattle. A recent study from The Guardian

Warns of an ecological Armageddon due to the dramatic decline in insect numbers. Including honey bees.

This study shows that within the past twenty five years we have lost seventy five percent of flying insects. Causing quite a concern with scientist and the public.

Most plant life is pollinated by flying insects. Flying insect decline will be hard to fix.
Houston Live Bee Removal
Houston Live Bee Removal

There are things we can do to mitigate pollinator insects. You could start with calling an expert bee removal specialist instead of an exterminator.

Our associates are professionals and can get the job done. In fact Mark has many years of bee removal as well as construction experience for your repair needs.

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It all depends on you

All life on Earth depends on you.

For the best live Houston Live Bee Removal call today.

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