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Michigan Bee Removal Service

IRescueBees has the right professional for all your live Michigan Bee Removal Service needs. Find Local experts bee removal specialist in the great state of Michigan.

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Michigan Bee Removal Service Professionals

Ann Arbor MI, Detroit MI, Farmington Hills MIFlint MIGrand Rapids MI  Lansing MI  ,

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Michigan Bee Removal Service
Michigan Bee Removal Service

Realizing that you have Honey Bees living with you is quite stressful. Knowing who to call helps alleviate the drama.

Having a qualified Bee Removal expert will mitigate any future drama. Most if not all IRescueBees associates use thermal imaging to pin point the Honey Bees nest.

Michigan Bee Removal Service
Michigan Bee Removal Service

These days the biggest threat to our environment is the loss of pollinating insects, i.e. the Honey and Bumble bee. These busy bugs pollinate eighty percent of all plant life on earth.

In the news we read about Honey Bee colony losses in the thirty percent per year range. At the same time we read of the first native bumble bee placed on the endangered species list.

Michigan Bee Removal Service
Michigan Bee Removal Service

If that is not enough, there has been a study that has scientist and the educated public alarmed. This new study is showing us that we have lost seventy five percent of flying insects have vanished since 1989.

Insects are the bulk of life on planet earth. Insects also keep life going and reproducing, their losses would bring about an environmental disaster that monsanto could not stop.

Human caused dramatic losses by massive use of pesticides, urban sprawl and Gmo crops are killing a major key to life on our planet.

You can read more here. CNN

All IRescueBees associates will remove honey bee colonies live and relocate them to a safe environment where they can do their work.

For all your Michigan Bee Removal Service needs IRescueBees is all you need.