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IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies

Come on in, it's free to look. IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies, Books, Gifts for the professional and beginner.


IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies
IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping, one of the most rewarding things you can do to protect your local ecosystem. Our store is still under construction, but we have a few things.

Beekeeping Books

Yep we got books, to help you get an educated start in beekeeping. There are lots of important info in these books, such as identifying various diseases and the proper treatment.

Beekeeping books are a great way to get the info you need when thinking about going into beekeeping. We can answer your questions, just keep in mind we beekeepers are often very busy.

IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies
IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies

Beginner Kits

Starter kits, assembled and ready to go, this one comes with bottom board, inner cover, outer cover, frames and foundation. Just add bees, you'll need more as you grow and we will have them.


Proper attire is important, we carry vented bee suits and jackets for all you southern beekeepers and removal experts.

IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies
Best dang suit I have ever used!

Heavy Duty Vented Beesuits

These allow the air to circulate keeping you cool while giving protection against stings. No suit is sting proof, but these are as close to sting proof as you can get.

IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies
Top Quality Ventilated Beesuits

Size is important also, these suits run small, so always get the nest larger size.

IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies
IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies

Handmade Hive Products

Even handmade hive products, ok, there is only one for now, but more are coming. Some made by me, and some made by other beeks. So, this is just the beginning of our store, check back often for new products and special offers.

IRescueBees Store

Fyi, all profits generated from our store will go towards our mission of saving wild honey bees. Together we can #savethebees.

This has been a promotional post for our new store, Nunya Beeswax. Come back soon! IRescueBees Beekeeping Supplies, Honey Bee rescue service provider