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Propolis Antibiotic Benefits

Honey bees are natures alchemist. Propolis created by bees is proven to be anti-cancer, Propolis Antibiotic Benefits

Propolis Antibiotic Benefits
Propolis Antibiotic Benefits

Beekeepers know propolis all to well. It is the glue that holds our hives together.

Sap from trees and other plants is gathered and mixed with honey bee enzymes and wax which the bees spread all over the hive. Bees also use propolis to fill gaps and cracks to better control the internal environment.

Bee will use propolis to protect their colonies from viruses, bacteria and mold. Not to mention to keep ants from stealing the hard earned honey.

Propolis Antibiotic Benefits
Propolis Antibiotic Benefits

Color of propolis will vary from clear, which comes from conifers to black from oaks. There is also green and red propolis.

Using honey bee products to heal or recover a human is called Apitherapy

 Propolis Antibiotic Benefits
Propolis Antibiotic Benefits
Recently, I wrote about Oral Mucositis and how propolis is used...

Lets us look at Propolis Antibiotic Benefits...

MRSA is a antibiotic resistant bacteria that will eat your flesh. Most people become infected in hospitals and all they can do is cut the limb off.

In a recent article from we can read about intensive research to defeat superbugs.

Strong Antibacterial Power to Fight “Superbugs”

The over-prescription of antibiotics has led to dangerous bacterial resistance, creating a class of “superbugs” that synthetic antibiotics can’t stop, including methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which is especially troublesome following surgery or anytime the immune system is weakened. Fortunately, propolis can stop it. This propolis is taken from a controlled and managed bee population so the material provides consistent levels of bacteria-and-virus fighting compounds.

Where can you get the best propolis around. Become a beekeeper. If all your looking to get is high quality propolis, then beekeeping is quite simple.

You can learn more about starting beekeeping on this blog...

In upcoming post I will show you how and when to collect propolis. Also how to make your own extracts.

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