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Sting Proof Bee Suits

Working your bees on a hot humid days can be quite painful. Well, get you the best Sting Proof Bee Suits on the market today!

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Sting Proof Bee Suits
Sting Proof Bee Suits

Save $50, no promo code needed! Regularly $200 on sale now for $150, but hurry, I ain't gonna keep this sale going to much longer!


These suits are a ventilated jump suit with a fencing veil.

Sting Proof Bee Suits
Sting Proof Bee Suits

Roomy and cool, three layered mesh that is thicker than the bees stinger.

Available exclusively here at our store, we are the only U.S. distributor of these suits.

Sting Proof Bee Suits
Sting Proof Bee Suits

The heavy duty mesh makes this suit long lasting for both the beginner and the professional. You know, I have been searching for a vented suit that would take the abuse of running a bee removal business.

All my guys, my keepers and removers all use these suits. The only time when any of my guys get stung, is when they forget to zip them up properly. LOL

Oh, and the zipper is nylon, important because those brass zippers always get stuck. You really do not want a stuck zipper when you got to get out of your suit quickly.

Yes, I have used many different vented bee suits, and have been very disappointed with them. Don't get stuck with a cheaply made vented bee suit, it ain't worth the trouble. I mean, look at the other guys mesh, it is weak and easily get snags and tears.

Sting Proof Bee Suits
The other guys mesh

That stuff won't take much machine washing. I know that you are gonna love our Sting Proof Bee Suits, and I lowered the price.

Sting Proof Bee SuitsHeavy Duty Vented Beesuits

Regularly $200, now available for a limited time $150. No promo code needed just click the link provided, get your Sting Proof Bee Suits today!


Oh, I am still looking to name this suit, if you have any suggestion email me at