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What is Apitherapy

Learn the Power of the Bee with us, Today's subject,  What is Apitherapy

What is Apitherapy

I have been keeping honey bees for over seventeen years. This endeavor has brought more knowledge than I could have ever imagined.

 What is Apitherapy ...

Api or apis is the latin word for bee. Therapy comes from the Greek word  Therapeuein and means, a method to treat humans and animals against different diseases.

 In other words Bee-therapy.

 What is Apitherapy

Simply put, Apitherapy is the use hive products to prevent, heal or recover man, animals even plants from many diseases and conditions.

"Apitherapy is the Art and Science of treatment and holistic healing through the honeybee and her products for the benefit of mankind and all the animal kingdom."

(Tina Drakes, A.I.C. student, U.K.).

In my twenties I was diagnosed with Fibromyaigia. It is very painful and the older you get the more painful it becomes.

In my late thirties I began keeping bees, but the pain was becoming worse each year.

What is Apitherapy

One day a friend called me and said he had a swarm of bees in his tree. He asked if I would come get them.

Of course I said and I headed to his house.

I did not know they were killer bees. As I went to cage them i got stung close to 100 times.

I looked like I just went swimming in poison oak. It was real ugly.

Two weeks later i noticed that the muscular pain of my Fibromyaigia was gone and I needed no more pain meds.

Please do not try that at home.

What are the different hive products...

Royal jelly, propolis, honey, beeswax and bee hive air. All of these have healing properties That we will discuss in later post.

Needless to say there is also bee venom. Mainstream science has proven that bee venom kills HIV and cancer cells.

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