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Where To Buy Bee Pollen

Your local Beekeeper is Where To Buy Bee Pollen. It's simple, your local beekeeper will provide Bee Pollen form your environment.

Where To Buy Bee Pollen
Where To Buy Bee Pollen. 

Simple, your source is your local Beekeeper. They know exactly where your Bee Pollen comes from.

Gathered by Honey Bees, Bee Pollen is mixed with enzymes and honey to feed there young. 

Bee Pollen is loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Being packed with anti oxidants, Phenols and enzymes who wouldn't want to eat it.

But beware, some Bee Pollen is full of heavy metals and pesticides. The only way to tell if your Bee Pollen is safe is to buy it from your local Beekeeper.

Lets face facts, selling Bee Pollen is big business. Even folks that have never seen a bee sell it.

Where To Buy Bee Pollen
Where To Buy Bee Pollen

Honey brokers buy honey and pollen from around the world at a low price and sell it to you. There is no telling where it came from or if it is safe or real.

Recently reported one third of the worlds honey supply is contaminated with Honey Bee killing pesticides. One of the major factors of Honey Bee decline.

If a third of honey is poisoned then so is the Bee Pollen. CommonDreams article published 10-06-17 You can read the full story here.

At the same time fake honey is hitting the market. Yet most folks do not even know the honey they are buying is fake.

Analysis shows that seventy six percent of honey sold in America is fake. Being diluted with corn syrup or just straight up honey flavored corn syrup.

Do you know where your honey comes from, you should. Getting to know your local Beekeeper is the best way to know your honey and Bee Pollen.

Where To Buy Bee Pollen
Where To Buy Bee Pollen

Where To Buy Bee Pollen? Your local Beekeeper!


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